News from Ian Fairservice

Dear Members,


Greetings from the National Council.  We have exciting events lined up from now until April, 2018.  Next year’s venues and dates will be published on the website as soon as possible.


The current dinner charges have been prevalent since 2012. However in 2018, we will marginally increase it. All other costs such as membership and OMGD fees, will remain unchanged.


Member + partner Dh 650 per person
Guest(s)         Dh 700 per person


The increase has to cover VAT, related documentation and other hidden expenses like credit card fees.  We’ve made this small increase and will watch as the new system of taxes unfolds during the coming year.  Hopefully there will be no further increases.


We encourage all members to please settle membership fees BEFORE end December 2017 in order to avoid the new VAT procedure.


Many thanks.