UAE National Council


Ian Fairservice Ian Fairservice
F.R.G.S, M.C.F.A.
Bailli Délégué, Officier Commandeur
Membre du Conseil d’Administration, Paris
Membre du Conseil Magistral
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eleanor Eleanor Brodie
Chancelier, Commandeur
Overall Administration, new member applications, promotions
International membership records, transfers
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Uwe Micheel Uwe Micheel
Conseiller Culinaire
Professional link with food industry Dubai + UAE
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Sandeep Sandeep Sathees
Officer in charge of Beverages. Advice & Liason with Hotel Chefs / GMs / hospitality in Abu Dhabi & Al Ain.
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Mazen Khourdaji Mazen Khourdaji
Charge de Missions – Dubai
Contact Charge de Missions – Dubai
Rinaldo Boscaro Rinaldo Boscaro
Charge de Missions – Abu Dhabi, Commandeur
Membership records, transfers, annual membership renewals in Abu Dhabi
Contact Charge de Missions – Abu Dhabi
Richard Irving Corlett Richard Irving Corlett
Chargé de Missions – Al Ain, Commandeur
Membership records, transfers, annual membership renewals in Al Ain
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Nick Kramer Nick Kramer
Charge de Missions – Legal
Legal and contracts
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Monika Mueller Monika Mueller
Grand Officier, Commandeur silver
annual membership renewals, UAE membership records
event bookings, payments